Here you find documents in which the conference is evaluated from different perspectives.


Every conference participant got a feedback form with questions regarding the organization of the conference. This feedback was evaluated in the Konzeptwerk Neue Ökonomie. The results of that evaluation can be downloaded here (in German only).

Participants’ survey

Along with the programme and the feedback forms, all participants got a participants’ survey sheet. The sheet was developed by and belongs to a study of the DFG Researchgroup Postwachstumsgesellschaften from the University of Jena, Germany. A working paper with first results is available in German only, but further publication of the results are planned to also be available in English.

Observers’ report

A team of observers observed different aspects of the conference. They presented their observations already in the closing event of the conference (link to the video). Here you can also download a written report.

Report for partners

The report is an evaluation of the conference from the viewpoint of the organisers, written for partner organisations (available in German only).

Environmental report

In the environmental report the organizers reflect on the environmental impact of the conference. Parts of the impact can be quantified; for the rest, strategies to minimize it are described (available in German only).


The manual is a collection of experiences from the organising process of the conference, collaboratively written by members of the organisational team. Besides explanations on how the conference was organised, you also find reflections on what went well and what was problematic. In case you are planning a conference with a similar focus, feel free to contact us, so we can send you the manual.