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Basic principles

The organisation of the International Conference on Degrowth 2014 was done by a group of about 60 persons. As a group, we decided by consensus, using methods of grass roots democracy. We live in different places all over Germany, worked together via the internet and over the phone and met in person every other month. Most of us were not paid and contributed voluntarily. We were supported by Spanish, French and Italian members of the international network “Research and  Degrowth” (R&D). It was R&D who initiated the International Degrowth-Conferences and has been supporting the different organizational teams since 2008.

The main body was the plenary, which consisted of all active team members. The main work was done within different working groups: they developed concepts for their area of work, agreed on those with other working groups if necessary and carried them out independently. > Here you can find an overview of the working groups and their members.

> Here you can find a list of all organzations that contributed to the conference

> Here you can find a list of the members of the advisory board