Working groups of the conference organization

The main body of the conference organizational team was the plenary, which consisted of all active team members. The main work was done within different working groups: they developed concepts for their area of work, agreed on those with other working groups if necessary and carried them out independently.


Coordinates the different working groups and keeps an overview.
Members and contact persons:
Logistics and finance coordinator: Daniel Constein
Team and programme coordinator: Nina Treu
Support of the programme coordination: Corinna Burkhart
Support of the logistics coordination: Jonas Bothe


Linked the programmatic working groups and was in contact to the invited speakers (keynotes, panels).
Contact persons:
Programme coordinator: Nina Treu
Support of the programme coordination: Corinna Burkhart
Fair for degrowth: Nadine McNeil
Members: Gualter Barbas Baptista, Corinna Burkhart, Steffen Lange, Barbara Muraca, Anne Pinow, Matthias Schmelzer, Christin Schmidt, Nina Treu, Andrea Vetter


Was responsible for the scientific programme of the conference and the contact to scientific speakers.
Contact persons:
Coordination: Steffen Lange
Contact person for scientific speakers: Birte Ewers
Members: Benjamin Best, Birte Ewers, Bernd Klauer, Steffen Lange, Barbara Muraca, Felix Rauschmayer, Anika Reetsch, Dorothee Rodenhäuser, Alfons Ruhoff,

Practice and movement

Wa responsible for the practice and movement oriented programme of the conference, and the contact with workshop contributors.
Contact persons:
Coordination: Janna Aljets
Contact person for workshop contributors: Anne Pinnow
Members: Janna Aljets, Frederik Grüneberg, Silvia Hable, Niko Hübner, Nadine McNeil, Anne Pinnow, Maximilian Schmies, Alexandra Vogel, Jana Werg

Group Assembly Process (GAP)

Was responsible for GAP and the contact to GAP contributors.
Contact person: Susanne Brehm
Members: Gualter Barbas Baptista, Susanne Brehm, Matthias Schmelzer, Francois Schneider, Filka Sekulova, Andrea Vetter


Was responsible for artistic programme and the contact to the artists.
Contact persons: Christin Schmidt und Jan Deck
Members: Vanessa Berger, Jan Deck, Christiane Fiebig, Max Heigermoser, Emily Keller, Pablo Paolo Kilian, Christin Schmidt
Tim Vollmann

Public relations

Was responsible for public relations including the website and the blog and contact to the media.
Contact persons:
Coordination and press officers: Christopher Laumanns and Karin C. Geier
Blog: Christiane Kliemann
Stream towards Degrowth: Felicitas Sommer
Members: Ingo Bever, Karin C. Geier, Felix Kersting, Christiane Kliemann, Christopher Laumanns, Pia Rauschenberger, Felicitas Sommer, Jonas Streicher


Was responsible for logistics at and around the conference.
Contact persons:
Coordination: Daniel Constein
General enquiries: Jonas Bothe
Childcare: Johannes Looks
Contact for the University of Leipzig: Sylke Nissen
Members: Jonas Bothe, Daniel Constein, Jana Goldberg, Sophia Göppel, Nelly Lehr, Johannes Looks, Judith Kleibs, Nadine McNeil, Konrad Neuffer, Franziska Schories, Susann Reuters, Nic Riha


Was responsible for partner contacts, fundraising and budget.
Contact person: Daniel Constein
Members: Friederike Behr, Daniel Constein, Christopher Laumanns, Andreas Simoneit, Nina Treu

Group dynamics

Accompanied the overall process and working structure, was also available for support for all team members.
Contact person: Malo Vidal
Members: Susann Reuter, Nic Riha, Malo Vidal