Press review

Here you can find all international articles regarding the Degrowth-Conference. However, most articles are written in German. > German press review


> ORF 2 (06.10.2014): Wachstums-Schmerzen
Grist News (26.09.2014): DIY soap meets big economic idea at degrowth 2014
Inter Press Service (22.09.2014): Only the Crazy and Economists Believe Growth is Endless
ORF1 (11.09.2014): Wann hören wir endlich auf zu wachsen? “Degrowth” und die Notwendigkeit einer sozial-ökologischen Wirtschaft.
> Luxemburger Wort (03.09.2014): Um mundo para lá do crescimento económico
> Guardian (01.08.2014): Can Companies Do Better By Doing Less?
> L’indro (11.04.2014): Un summit globale sulla decrescita


> Peakoil (29.09.2014): “No Ordinary Conference”: The Fourth Degrowth Conference in Leipzig 2014
> O Decrescimento (16.09.2014): Um mundo para lá do crescimento económico – conferência internacional em Leipzig
ecologicalspaceship (15.09.2014): Degrowth, by disaster or design: Looking back at Day 5 of Degrowth 14
> Platform DSE (12.09.2014): Degrowth – conferentie Leipzig, 2 – 6 September 2014
Transitionlab (11.09.2014): Report From Degrowth 2014 in Leipzig: The Rally of All Alternatives

> Reporterre (11.09.2014): La décroissance s’enracine en Allemagne
David Bollier (11.09.2014): The 4th International Degrowth Conference: New Convergences

EJOLT (05.09.2014): The growing debate on degrowth

Un summit globale sulla decrescita
Un summit globale sulla decrescita