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Degrowth Vienna 2020 - Behaviour change and system change in the housing sector

Elisabetta Mocca, Kristina Eisfeld, Michael Friesenecker, Veronika Kulmer, Sebastian Seebauer

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Vienna Conference 2020


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How can integrated housing policy achieve decarbonisation while enabling fair access to housing? We invite policy-makers, activists, researchers, and others to take part in an interactive discussion. After short introductions reporting the research underpinning the workshop, participants will join sub-groups on: fair carbon taxes, retrofitting rented housing, and awareness building among the energy poor. A plenary discussion will conclude the workshop. Participants will need to specify the group they want to join upon registration.

Presenters: Kristina Eisfeld (University of Vienna), Michael Friesenecker (University of Vienna), Veronika Kulmer (Joanneum Research), Elisabetta Mocca (University of Vienna), Sebastian Seebauer (Joanneum Research)

Language: English

Technical details: WS F EISFELD.mp4, MPEG-4 video, 23,5MB

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