Frequently asked questions (FAQ)

Why is the media library called „Media library“?

The media library is called “media library”, because existing information on the topic of degrowth is available in various media formats. Here you find not only texts, as would be expected in a library, but also images, videos and audio data.


How did the media library develop?

The media library developed from the wish to collect the large amount of existing content on the topic of degrowth and to make it more easily accessible.


Where do the themes come from?

The list is not meant to be perfect neither can the distribution of the themes to the entries ever be perfect. It’s a list of themes, which the editorial team of the degrowth web portal has developed with the help of some external experts.


Where do the media entries come from?

Every entry is filled in manually, which is also why it sometimes takes a while until suggested entries appear. We add such media which are related to degrowth, which belong to the sources for degrowth or which develop meaningful critique.


How do the entries get their themes?

The person adding the entry into the library first engages with the content and then selects the themes.


How do I make suggestions, how can I add media to the media library?

In case you disagree with the selected themes for an entry or if you find a description isn’t fitting, please send us an email at


Why are many scientific publications and books not accessible?

For copyright reasons we can not make all media available in the media library.


You have further Questions? – Feel free contact us!