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GAP working group 2014 - Basic income

Degrowth Conference Leipzig 2014

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Degrowth Conference Leipzig 2014


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Results from the GAP (Group Assembly Process) Group Basic income at the Degrowth Conference in Leipzig 2014

> Universal Basic Income (UBI) would improve social justice and decrease inequalities which is a precondition for degrowth.
> UBI would provide free space for discussing and testing meaningful lifestyles and production, and re-appropriating autonomy and democracy.
> UBI would liberate the people from social pressures and not having enough and so could decrease compensatory consumption pressures and open the way to a need based economy.
> UBI should be individually guaranteed without any obligation for the individual.
> UBI should be high enough to guarantee societal participation, received in cash and kind with respect to the environment
> UBI should be universal and ideally global.
> Next to existing sources of revenues, we should consider ecologically based taxation, other levies and fees, and property income.

Open Questions Universal Basic Income (UBI)
> Is Universal Basic Income (UBI) limiting freedom too much?
> How is Basic Income to realize in a situation of international competition?
> Why is Basic Income a right?
> Can UBI merge social and environmental issues?
> How can UBI lead to less consumption?
> How will social distinction work with UBI?
> How can people be inspired to organize their UBI societies?
> Do eco-taxes lead to degrowth?
> How to gain the political support for UBI?
> What examples are there already of local currencies and how do/would they work with national and global currencies?
> On which level (regional, national, continental) can we start?
> How to finance a UBI?
> Bottom-up or top-down implementation?
> Can a single country implement a BI in a globalized world?
> Does a UBI help or hinder population issues?
> Can UBI change the role of positional goods?

Stirring papers:
> Degrowth and Unconditional Basic Income
> Unconditional basic income, human rights-based equality and economic degrowth
> Basic Income and a Degrowth Project?

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