There are two live video-streams during the conference. All the streamed events can be found in the streaming programme (below).

Livestream 1

Livestream 1 is provided by the Rosa Luxembourg Stiftung. All the opening, ending, keynotes and panels taking place in the Audimax will be available here:

Livestream 2

Livestream 2 is provided by the Extraenvironmentalists. They are streaming some of the keynotes and panels in the audimax and several panels in HS 3 & 9:

For more information about the individual events, see the programme.


Due to technical difficulties both streams not might work. In that case, please try the other stream.
Stream access may vary depending on your nation of residence. If you can’t access the live stream as it happens, each session will be available soon after the broadcast ends.

The simultaneous interpretation of panel discussions and other events serves only to facilitate communication amongst participants in the events. It does not constitute an authentic record of proceedings.

Livestream programme