Looking for new members

The degrowth.info team is looking for someone to join our communications working group!

Our team is growing – yeah we know, not very degrowth – but we’re building a counter-institution to traditional media! And we are looking for more people to plan, collaborate, build, and test new ideas with. Tasks could include developing a communications strategy, testing new non-corporate communication tools and platforms, outlining a ‘degrowth principles of communication’, drafting/posting to various channels, re-thinking our internal organizational communications, and equally importantly – we want to hear your ideas about how to improve degrowth.info’s communications (both in terms of reach and resonance).

You would join a largely volunteer-based organization of motivated degrowth activists, academics and organizers. We work together remotely (i.e. online) as we are an international team, but try our best to meet in-person once per year for a rad retreat (in non-COVID times). The position would be expected to last a minimum of six months with a commitment of 3-5 hours per week. Unfortunately we cannot offer compensation at this point in time but it is a possibility in the future. We can promise you will join a team of amazing people who work well together but also take time to care for each other. We are self-organized, have no bosses, and value autonomy coupled with responsibility.

Please write to us at contact@degrowth.info telling us why you would like to join our team (± 300 words). We look forward to hearing from you!