A survey for a Movement- mapping degrowth worldwide

Dear degrowth friends all over in the world,

This survey is an initiative of individuals involved in the coordination and organization of the international conferences on degrowth. It represents an attempt to bring groups and individuals together for political and practical actions on degrowth that go beyond the bi-annual conferences on degrowth. To organize and build synergies for joint action on degrowth we need to know who we are and what are your/our thoughts/ideas.

Here you will find a survey for mapping all degrowth activities worldwide:

Survey – English (if you can fill please this english form. It will help people worldwide to understand better)
Survey- Italian
Survey- French
Survey- Spanish
Survey- German

To this aim we suggest:

To start a map and then, if there is sufficient impetus, to evolve into a (loose) network. The map will aim to facilitate those interested in degrowth to join a nearby group and work together on the territory, while connecting already existing groups.
Through it, you can join a mailing list (with a contact person for each organization or group) for internal coordination. This will facilitate the creation of synergies among the different organizations: for instance, it will be easier to co-organize collective actions.

Importantly, proposal is not just to make up another online network: but rather to ease face to face meeting between us– for instance you will be invited the day before the next International Conference on Degrowth in Malmo (and at its venue) – to share ideas, experiences and expectations, to get to know each other and think jointly how to bring about the change we wish to see.

Alone it is impossible, but together we can make it! We hope you like the idea.

The Degrowth International Support Group