Degrowth-Conference 2018 in Mexico (City)

The First North-South Conference on Degrowth will be held in Mexico City from 4-6th of September. Supported by universities, NGOs, and social movements, it will be an occasion to open and continue in-depth debates around the dominant illusions on economic growth. These are already ongoing debates inside and across the societies that are on their way to become modern and developed as well as those ‘excelling’ in these aspects. For the first time, a Latin American country will host an international gathering on Degrowth, after five conferences in Europe and one in Canada. Decolonization of the imaginary, Survival, Cultures, and Wealth will be the main issues under discussion.

For a lot more information visit the conference website:

There you can also find information about the first two calls:
> Call for registration of individual presentations
> Call for registration of proposals for special sessions