Open Space

At the Degrowth-Conference you can put into practice your own topics and ideas at the Open Space. It takes place daily from the 3rd until the 5th of September between 5  and 7 pm. All participants are invited to submit their topics and proposals for an Open Space-group. The proposals will be collected, arranged and then assigned to a room by the Open Space-team. The team will publish the programme at 4 pm on each day in the online platform of the conference, as well as on pin boards in the lobby of the Audimax and on a projector on the second floor of the Lecture hall building (Hörsaalgebäude). You’ll be able to see who offers which topic and where you can meet each group.


With the Open Space we want to provide a framework in which all participants can bring in their own topics and skills, concerns and ideas and are able to share them with others.
„Open Space” is based upon the principles of self-organisation and self-determination of the participants. This means that there is no pre-planned programme or determined working-process. Through an open and participative setting, people are encouraged to bring their interests into the conference. Groups spontaneously come together and start an open exchange. The most important rule of an Open Space is the freedom of movement: It is possible to change groups at any time, create new ones or just take some time off. Often we find the most creative and innovative ideas and solutions for transformative initiatives during the coffee break. We hope that the Open Space can contribute to the conference in a similar way.

> More information on the Open Space-method The Open Space is open to all participants of the Degrowth-Conference and you need no further qualification or the like for submitting a topic. We are open to all topics, no matter of which kind they are, e.g. a lecture, a workshop, a performance or whatever comes to your mind. But we reserve the right to refuse any discriminating topic (racist, anti-Semitic, homophobic, etc.).

You can submit topics online or at the info point in the lobby of the Audimax.

> Step by step-guide on how to submit Topics can be submitted each day until 1.30 p.m. An advance reservation for other days is not possible because of our limited space and because we want everybody to have the same chance to submit. In principle we want to give room to all topics and ideas. However, because our space is limited and we expect many participants, we reserve the right to combine similar topics and ideas in one Open Space-session. If you don’t want this to happen with your topic, please contact us. There will be no selection of topics by the Open Space-team. We only reserve the right to refuse any discriminating content (racist, anti-Semitic, homophobic, etc.). If you can’t find your topic in the programme it has most likely been clustered with similar topics. If this is not the case, please ask at the info point in the lobby of the Audimax. We offer a sheet of flipchart-paper and an overhead marker to every group for taking notes of the session. A few rooms have got video projectors installed which you can use. If you need a projector, please indicate that in the submission form.
There will be lecture rooms, seminar rooms, foyers and outdoor places available. Because of our limited space it can occur that various groups have to share one room. Unfortunately we can’t guarantee seating for all the outdoor spaces, so it is possible that groups have to sit on the ground or that people have to stand. The programme will be published at 4 pm every day in detail on the pin boards in the lobby of the Audimax and online. A shorter version will be displayed by a video projector in the lobby on the second floor of the lecture hall building (Hörsaalgebäude).
You can find the locations of the individual groups in the programme overview. An own guiding system with the logo of the open space will then guide you to the different locations and rooms. If you can’t find something, you can always ask at the info point. You can publish your results in any form you choose. As a guideline, we will provide you with a form for taking notes. You can then publish the notes either in your online group by yourself or you deliver it on paper to us at the info point in the lobby of the Audimax. We will publish the collected reports together with the GAP on the pin boards of the lobby of the Audimax.

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For any questions you can reach us before the conference via During the conference you can also find us at the info point in the lobby of the Audimax.