Our projects

On the following pages, you find information about current degrowth projects as well as a project archive. The projects are hosted by the degrowth web portal, their sites are edited by colleagues from the respective projects.

Degrowth in movement(s)

What is the relation between degrowth and other social movements and perspectives? What common proposals, as well as contradictions, oppositions and tensions exist? In the multimedia publication “Degrowth in movement(s)”, these and other questions are discussed by stakeholders of various social movements.

Degrowth Summer School 2017

For the third year in a row, the Degrowth Summer School will be held on the Climate Camp in the Rhineland. The Summer School will take place from the 18th to 23rd of August. With its four day-courses, the Summer School will cover a wide range of topics. This year’s main topics are “Degrowth perspectives on the future of the Rhenish lignite region”, “Psychology of change” and “Skills for System Change”. The Climate Camp is always free to access. The Summer School’s courses, however, require prior online registration. The financial contribution is free for you to choose. Registration is now open!

Self-determined and in solidarity ! Conference on Migration, Development and Ecological Crisis

This conference wants to focus on the links between flight, migration, self-determined development and ecological crises. We want to connect these seemingly independent topics within a broader context in order to build bridges between the different political struggles and movements. We expect up to 300 people coming from different activist contexts – freedom of movement, anti-racisms, agriculture, degrowth, climate justice.

Project archive

In the project archive you find information on completed projects which were hosted on the Degrowth Webportal.