Good Life for All Day !– Participation & Contact

All people, groups and movements who are committed to a good life for all and who are interested in an economy and society beyond growth are invited to take part in this action day. You are invited to organize an action or event in the place you live. Be it a panel discussion, film screening, city tour, offering a visit to pioneers of change or a flash mob – there are many ways to criticize our society‘s fixation on growth and to make practical alternatives visible.

You want to organize an event or action?

Awesome! Please send an e-mail to with the following information:

  • >Name of your group/initiative,
  • >Idea for an event or action on 23 June,
  • >Time and place of your event or action,
  • >Name of the person to contact.

We would be very happy if you contact us early, even if the idea is not yet fixed – we are happy to provide support and help!

…and what happens next?

  1. Please contact us and send us a description of your event.
  2. We will send you the logo of the action day and other materials to support you.
  3. All participants are invited to register for the project Good Life for All Day on the platform Wachstumswende, to get to know each other and plan joint actions.
  4. We will announce your event on this website.
  5. After the event we are looking forward to a short report and photos of your action.