There are several possibilities to participate in the Stream towards Degrowth project. We offer

1. the publication of videos of your events and activities on the blog,
2. participation in our interview series and
3. the use of the label Stream towards Degrowth on material for your events in relation to degrowth.

1. Integration of videos

During the year before the conference, we will promote lectures, speeches, events and activities regarding degrowth topics on our website. In this way, an on-going information pool will be created. The videos will provide an insight into a broad range of topics regarding degrowth and will increase the awareness level of hosts and their activities.

In order to publish your video, we need:
> Name of the event
> Information on place and date of the event
> Short description and link to the event
> Video of the event or activity
> Proposition for a tag that provides a link to degrowth topics

2. Interview from a future perspective

The supporters of the conference and stakeholders from the degrowth community have their say in an interview titled “Degrowth from a future perspective”. We thus show different positions and foster the debate about concepts of a degrowth society.

Roadmap for the participation in the interview series:
> Answering the interview questions (German or English). Ca. 500 characters per questions, more detailed if necessary. The title of the interview follows this pattern: ‘name (of the organisation) beyond growth’
> Publishing the interview in line with the videos of events on the Stream towards Degrowth-Blog

3. Stream towards Degrowth label

Events regarding degrowth can receive the label of the Stream towards Degrowth and it will be announced via the mailing list of the conference. The label is used to link sympathising stakeholders under the umbrella Stream towards Degrowth and – inspired by the Road to Venice (in the run-up to the last Degrowth Conference) – to mark a movement towards the conference in Leipzig. Both parties benefit from the participation in the project by their mutual support in public relations and raising awareness.

Roadmap for cooperation:
> Exchange of Information packages for mutual PR
> Adding of the partnering projects with their logo to the list of supporters of the Stream towards Degrowth
Possible participation in the interview series

Exhibition during the conference

The videos and interviews will be shown in a visual installing during the Degrowth Conference 2014. Details on this exhibition are still work in progress.


For questions and recommendations, contact Felicitas Sommer.

> Download the information on the Stream towards degrowth as a pdf-document
> Download interview questions “Degrowth from a future perspective”