| Self-Determined & in Solidarity! Conference on Migration, Development and Ecological Crisis
| 6.-8. October 2017 | Leipzig

A conference with up to 300 people coming from different activist contexts – freedom of movement, anti-racisms, agriculture, degrowth, climate justice

What is the connection between the debate around a just design of migration and the one around an ecologically and socially just economy?

What are the connections between alternative concepts such as „Degrowth“ or „Post-Development“ and a postcolonial perspective on causes of flight?

This conference wants to focus on the links between flight, migration, self-determined development and ecological crises. We want to connect these seemingly independent topics within a broader context in order to build bridges between the different political struggles and movements. This has been the program of the conference.

[Photos: Leon Bischinger]

|Impressions from the Conference

You find some more pictures of the weekend here.

| The conference is over – the topics however are more urgent than ever

Great – we counted about 700 participants on the conference! The huge interest has demonstrated how important and urgent it is to reflect upon these topics and face ourselves these questions. We are happy about this high number of participants and satisfied that the conference took place without any organizational disturbance. It is evident that we cannot stop at this point and have to continue our political activism on these issues.

We are shocked about the racism in the German society represented by the police violence which has demonstrated again how crucial it is to oppose and fight racism every day. On the conference in general and this case particularly, we have published a press release. Pleas help us to circulate!

We have taken many photos and recorded all panels. We will further inform you about the documentation of the conference when we are done arranging our materials and about possible follow-up projects.

If you have questions in between, please contact us. Thank you very much for your participation and you concrete support which has contributed to the success of the conference!

| Extensive Documentation follows

We have taken many photos and filmed all the panels. If everything is ready we will inform you here about the entire documentation.



Read which questions we will discuss >>



Panels, Workshops, Theatres, Music and Open Space >>

This is not your typical conference. To connect with the topics not only on a theoretical level there are different formats and performance like theatre, workshops, panel debates, an open space, music and movies. Additionally, there will be enough free space for discussion, networking and sharing experiences and ideas. >> Programme

| A conference open to all

To guarantee everyone the possibility to participate in the conference, we will help to cover transportation costs for those participants in need of financial support. We also do organize accommodation for free for those in need. >> Registration

Our Awareness Concept

to be aware = to inform oneself, to be aware and sensible about certain problems and issues

Some of you may already be familiar with Awareness, others may read it for the first time. We believe it is important for us all to think about it because we want to create a conference with you, at which no one should feel uncomfortable. Awareness is not just the task of the Awareness-Team but of all participants.


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