On this site you find links to texts, videos, dossiers and interviews treating different questions and topics of our conference. We will regularly put new issues on this site until the conference starts.

A Bridge between the Refugees Movements and the Feminist Movements

An Interview with Bethi Ngari / Nina Kullrich (Hamburg) spoke for movements with Bethi Ngari from Women in Exile (Brandenburg) on the phone and via mail during the summer of 2016. Women in Exile is an initiative founded in Brandenburg in 2002 by refugee women to fight for their rights. Their fundamental political goal is the utopia of a just society without exclusion and discrimination, with equal rights for all, irrespective of where they come from and where they go to. [more…]

Migration Control

Documentation on the European Migration Control / “The fight against uncontrolled migration has become a top priority for European governments. 25 journalists – editors and correspondents of the taz as well as freelancers – and some academics have been researching this topic together since July 2016 in 21 countries. We wanted to know: What exactly is being done today to prevent migration? How much money does it actually flow? What are the consequences for the people of Africa, for refugees, for labor migrants? Who are the winners, who are the losers of this policy?” [more…]

Culture of Deportation

A Blog on the Criminalization of Migration “Made in Germany” / “The blog […] documents the German tradition of criminalising mobility and the EU model of border externalisation and migration management. The materials on the blog expose asylum „made in Germany“ as administrative warfare against migrants.” [more…]


‘Africa Rising’ in retreat: Signs of new resistances

Article by Patrick Bond on Africa Is a Country / The author objects the regularly used narrative of Africa’s economic rise and the newly launched investments programs by the German government. In contrast, he draws attention to forms of resistance against new forms of economic exploitation. [more…]