19.00- 21.00: Opening: Critical Perspectives on Migration, Development, and Ecological Crises

Boniface Mabanza (Coordinator of Kirchlichen Arbeitsstelle Südliches Afrika) & Freweyni Habtemariam (Eritrean Initiative for Dialogue and Cooperation e.V.)
Chair: Riadh Ben Ammar (Afrique-Europe-Interact/Theater für Bewegungsfreiheit) & Dora Sandrine Koungoyo Ndedi (Corasol/Stimme magazine, Berlin)
Venue: May Ayim // interpreted in DE–FR–EN

As a basis for discussions over the next two days, Boniface Mabanza and Freweyni Habtemariam will take stock of the links between migration, development and ecological crisis. Boniface Mabanza introduces global economic structures that have historically grown and are centrally connected to global colonial domination, which cement inequality, promote ecological destruction and prevent self-determined development. Focusing in particular on Eritrea, Freweyni Habtemariam outlines the link between the development policy of an authoritarian regime with its dramatic social and environmental consequences and the serious human rights violations that force people to flee. She also analyzes the efforts of European countries, to make migration more difficult, in particular through tighter border controls. Also, both talks discuss a variety of challenges, which refugees have to face, once in Europe and/or Germany. Furthermore, they analyze the conditions under which fugitives maintain contact with their country of origin and the role of developmental questions. From these introductions, we hope to gain valuable inspiration for the subsequent debates.

Boniface Mabanza Bambu was born in the Democratic Republic of Congo during the Mobutu military dictatorship and studied and received his doctorate in Kinshasa and Münster. Among other things, he is active in the campaign against the EPA free trade agreements, and works as a coordinator of the Kirchliche Arbeitsstelle Südliches Afrika (KASA) in Heidelberg.

Freweyni Habtemariam is a graduate in German and English studies, deputy chairman of the Eritrean Initiative for Dialogue and Cooperation e.V, and certified interpreter and translator.


21.30-22.30: Theatre play “Fear and the City” by Club Al-Hakawati 

Venue: May Ayim

Guernica Reloaded: The German soldier caught sight of a miniature reproduction of the Guernica and asked: “Did you make this?” Picasso responded: “No, you did!” From Guernica to Aleppo to Berlin: ‘Fear and the City’ are stories from a city that could be any city that has been completely destroyed in the course of its history. The survivors tell stories of battles and flight and how they day-to-day experience(d) the war.

Club Al Hakawati is a self-organised theatre group by refugees and non-refugees. We fight all types of racism, discrimination and sexism through theatre and other art forms. We fight for human rights, freedom of movement and cultural diversity. We come from different parts of the world and are open for all people. We are a creative collective, a community in which every member is important. In our plays, we reproduce what we have experienced in and heard from our countries. We have hopes, dreams and great goals that we want and will achieve together.