Sunday 10-1.30pm

From Talking and Analysing to Practical Solidarity

10:00-11:30am: Worldcafé (discussion in small groups)

12.00-12:30am: Short impressions of the conference, amongst others from Victor Nzuzi & Diory Traoré

12:30-1:30pm: Collective plenary

Venue: May Ayim // interpreted in DE–FR–EN

During the preparatory meetings, it were in particular the refugees in our mixed group who repeatedly pointed out that our conference should have a practical use: “As refugees we cannot afford being content with only talking! It´s part of our everyday live to be affected by deportation and racist exclusion! The situations in our countries of origins become worse!” In this sense, we decided together that we would like to be as concrete as possible on Sunday: What do we do with all the information we received on Friday and Saturday? How do we continue with the contacts we have made? What practical projects, campaigns and networks already exist? And what are the fundamental challenges both in Europe and globally that we will face in the coming years?

To discuss these and similar questions, we want to make a so-called “Worldcafe” on Sunday morning. This means, discussing various questions (selected by the preparatory group) at changing tables. After this, we will discuss the results of the Worldcafé together with as many people as possible in the large plenary. In this context, two or three of our (further traveled) guests will also formulate assessments of the conference and the current global situation from a Southern perspective. And perhaps the conference also ends with common demands or a very concrete proposal – depending on the course of our debate …

So that all this can work, we are however dependent on the fact that all conference participants are there in time at 10 am – despite Sunday morning and despite party on Saturday evening! After all, it is a matter of solidarity that everyone can really go home with the feeling that it was worthwhile to get together and to collectively discuss the situation of the world.