Stream towards Degrowth

On the way to the Fourth International Conference on Degrowth, with this project we want to show the importance and variety of discussions about degrowth. Under the label of the Stream towards Degrowth we will announce as well as document events, actions and long-term projects related to degrowth.


You can document your actions, events or interviews related to degrowth. They can range from scientific speeches on degrowth to a participatory theatre project. We will publish suitable entries on the web page of the Stream towards Degrowth. There will also be an exhibition of the Stream at the conference itself.
If possible, we will also be happy to contribute to your event with facilitators and speakers from the organizational team of the conference and the Netzwerk Wachstumswende, a German network on degrowth.

> Here you can find detailled information on the opportunities for cooperation

Why „Stream“?

We chose the idea of a stream because of the diversity of its sources and its natural movement. A stream gains its power from the joining of many different in-fluenc(i)es. In addition, a video-stream is able to show current events and to make them widely accessible.

> Download the information on the Stream towards degrowth as a pdf-document