Summer School 2015


Welcome to the homepage of the Degrowth in action: Climate Justice – Summer School 2015″. The Summer School took place in the Rhineland lignite-mining area from 9 to 14 August 2015.

With the focus on Climate Justice, the aim of the Summer School was to reveal the necessity for a radical economic and societal change of our energy- and resource-intensive lifestyles and discuss concrete solutions and alternatives. Departing from the Degrowth Conference 2014 in Leipzig, the Summer School substantiated and deepened the conference’s outcomes and shed light on one of the major challenges of our time.

In cooperation with the Climate Camp, the Summer School took place in the Rhineland lignite-mining area, the biggest source for greenhouse gas emissions in Europe. This way we were able to link the discussions on Climate Justice and Degrowth at a central point of conflict.


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> The Summer School 2015 was organized by a group of around 40 people. As a group, we decided by consensus, using methods of grass roots democracy.


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