Here you can find all blog articles belonging to the summer school 2015 project. Enjoy the read!

2015 – The Year for Climate Justice and Degrowth

… and the contribution of the “Degrowth in Action – Climate Justice Summer School 2015”

By Elena Hofferberth

With the 21st Conference of the Parties taking place at the end of this year, the United Nations climate process is heading towards another climax. The aim is nothing less than the adoption of an international legally binding agreement limiting atmospheric warming to a maximum of 2 degrees. This appears questionable, however, given the diverging positions of states seen at the latest climate negotiations in Lima at the end of 2014. read more

Degrowth in Action: Call for Courses Open!

For our Degrowth in Action – Climate Justice Summer School 2015 we are currently looking for contributors to our courses. The summer school will take place from 9 to 14 August 2015 in the lignite-mining region of the Rhineland in cooperation with the annual climate camp. The courses will be at the centre of the Summer School and run for 4 or 2 days, thus giving the opportunity to dive deeper into the different topics. Regarding the type and structure of the courses, there will be much room for creativity. Deadline for proposals is 30 April. If you’re interested in preparing a course, you can find all relevant details here. the PDF-version is available here

Yes, but…… about protecting the climate, voices from the Global South and representation

The debate on flying in contributors to the Degrowth-Summer School

By Janna Aljets

At the second planning meeting for the Summer School in February, the organizing team spent some time on discussing the participation of contributors from the Global South – which could involve long-distance flights: How can we ever „authentically“ talk about climate justice without people from the Global South? But also: how can we talk about climate justice on the one hand, and contribute to climate change ourselves on the other – by organizing the Summer School? During the discussion it became evident how difficult and interesting it is to weigh different political principles; which is why we would like to retrace the debate here and make it public. read more

Climate Justice and Degrowth: a tale of two movements

By Tadzio Müller

In the run-up to last year’s United Nations Climate Conference in Lima, Peru, a particular headline kept popping up, an attempt to once again establish a particular meme in the mind of global elites as well as wider populations: friends, the line goes, you’re right to worry about climate change, but – say the reports by, on the one hand, the International Monetary Fund, and on the other, the New Climate Economy Project (in essence a second Stern Report) – what you really, really shouldn’t do, is start believing that worrying about climate change should make you worry about trying to end economic growth’. Economic growth, so the story goes once again, can in fact be made to work very nicely with climate protection, if only it’s done the right way. read more