On this site you’ll find the documentation of the summer school 2015 “Degrowth in action: Climate justice”. An overview of the complete programme is available here.


These are videos of the keynotes and panel discussions of the degrowth summer school as well as other videos taken around the summer school. Enjoy!

Impressions of the Degrowth Summer School & the Climate Camp 2015

On Degrowth and Climate Justice

Keynotes, Interviews and Panel Discussions

> Keynote: Fossil energy, coal and the Rhineland coal fields (Speaker: Dorothee Häußermann; Language: German)
> Keynote: What is Climate Justice?
(Speakern: Lyda Fernanda Forero; Language: English)
> Interview: Degrowth – What’s behind the idea? (Speaker: Barbara Muraca; Language: German)

You can find a lot more lectures, interviews and panel discussions on the youtube-channel of!


Some of the summer school courses have documented their proceeding and content. The summer school courses focused on specific topics in the field of degrowth and climate justice. You can see the results here:
> Documentation of the course: “Schneller und besser die Welt retten?! Mit welchen Mustern reproduzieren wir die Wachstumslogik?”
> Documentation of the course: “Comic-Helden* gegen den Klimawandel”
> Documentation of the course: From carbon trading to biodiversity offsets – why economic valuation will not save nature
> Documentation of the course: “Zeitwohlstand. Politisches Ziel einer sozial-ökologischen Transformation?”
> Documentation of the course: Diversal degrowth. Collectively building visionary stories around degrowth.