The Courses

We will give further Information on the different courses, including the language they will be held in, shortly.

Course Title
1 Energiesicherheit – Kampfbegriff der Wachstumsgesellschaft
2 Corporate Growth Agenda and European Energy Policy
3 The ecological economics of ecocommunities
4 Degrowth from theory to practice – Rebuilding abandoned villages in rural Spain
5 Transition Theater: Climate justice and degrowth – images of our time?
6 From carbon trading to biodiversity offsets – why economic valuation will not save nature.
7 Macroeconomic conditions for post-growth-societies – Analysis and critique of growth, macroeconomic conditions for post-growth, post-growth climate policies and post-growth campaigns
8 Soziale Dimensionen des Klimakampfes
9 Comic-helden* gegen den Klimawandel – Wie der WBGU das Klima retten will, ohne das Wachstum aufzugeben. Rettung oder Katastrophe?
10 Ernährungssouveränität statt “Grünem Wachstum”!
11 Education for social-ecological transformations
12 Schneller und besser die Welt retten – Mit welchen Mustern reproduzieren wir die Wachstumslogik?
13 Revolution predigen, Karottensaft trinken
14 Degrowth vermitteln!
15 A Pathways to Degrowth – Challenging power and finding our way
15 B Diversal Degrowth – Collective building of visionary stories around degrowth
16 A “Climate refugees” – between a real trend and a discursive hype
16 B Wachstumsdebatte mit entwicklungspolitischem Blick
17 A Zeitwohlstand – Politisches Ziel einer sozial-ökologischen Transformation?
17 B Technik, Degrowth und das Gute Leben
18 A Klimagerechtigkeit
18 B Wachstumskritik und bedingungsloses Grundeinkommen
19 A Climate, sex and cleaning up: inseparable justices. Rediscovering what has been taken for granted.
19 B Just Transition
20 A New Mobility
20 B Movement building – Learning for the past, preparing in the present, for the future