Children and youths at the camp

Fun at the camp By 

Kids space

Time for political commitment is difficult to organize for many people with children. That is why we want to create solidarity structures for child care at the climate camp. Children with special needs are of course also welcome! There will be a kids tent with games, books and crafts stuff, and a giant trampoline outside. We would be pleased if you also bring things!

The people of our Kids’ Club are preparing some things in advance and have learned from the experiences of recent years. We want to make agreements and together ensure that the kids feel happy to stay with carers– and that the carers feel up to the task. Is important to us that all those interested in child care organize it together. You can contact us under

Children and youth programme

In the children’s programme, we want to experiment with ‘Skills for System Change’ and have lots of fun together with adults. There will be at least one special activity for children each day. We plan wilderness adventures and dance, theater, climbing, and more – and are open to your suggestions! We see such experiences as an essential part of education for the social ecological transformation rather than as mere ‘entertainment’. And because the adults also need these skills, we hope that the children’s programme is an inspiration for the whole camp!

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