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The programme of the Degrowth Summer School and the Climate Camp was full of variety. Here you can get a first overview:

Programme structure Summer School 2016
> Programme overview for the whole Climate Camp
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The day topics

In order to have debates together, we developed topics which we discussed on specific days. Each subject was started with an input, before a plenary discussion or an open space took place. In the evenings there was a panel discussion or the presentation of the open space results. The day topics were:

I. Understanding systems – questioning capitalism and domination
II. Developing utopias – finding a common direction of change
III. Forming alliances – Living solidarity and organising change
IV. Building bridges – constructing just transformations
V. Breaking (up) hegemony – confronting racism and neoliberalism

The formats

There were courses, workshops, inputs, plenary discussions, open spaces, events for younger ones and a cultural programme.

The courses
The Summer School’s topics were deepened in courses that ran for several days. You had to have registered for the Summer School if you wanted to take part in a course.
> Information on the DIY wind turbine course on the camp from August 16 to 21

The kids’ and youths’ programme
In the childrens’ programme, we experimented with ‘Skills for System Change’ and had lots of fun, also together with adults. There was at least one special activity for children each day, such as wilderness adventures and dance, theater, climbing, and more! We see such experiences as an essential part of education for the social ecological transformation rather than as mere ‘entertainment’. And because the adults also need these skills, we hope that the children’s programme was an inspiration for the whole camp!

The speakers

> Nnimmo Bassey, Health of Mother Earth Foundation. Forming alliances, 23.8.: Keynote on transnational networking and local resistance.
> Olaf Bernau, afrique-europe-interact. Breaking (up) hegemony, 26.8.: Panel contribution on climate justice and freedom of movement.
> Jana Flemming, Hochschule für Wirtschaft und Recht, Berlin. Building bridges, 24.8.: Keynote on Just Transitions.
> Sebastian Gerstenhoefer, freelance political and development scientist, Building bridges, 24.8.: Keynote on Transitions.
> Friederike Habermann, author and freelance scientist. Understanding systems, 21.08.: Keynote.
> Lemor, Interventionist Left Cologne, „Blockupy“, „Ende Gelände“. Breaking (up) hegemony, 26.8.: Panel contribution on large mobilisations and mass actions as impulses for systemical changes.
> Ana María Larrea Maldonado, FLACSO Ecuador. Developing utopias, 22.8.: Panel contribution on “Buen vivir as a utopian concept”.
> Sheila Menon, Plane Stupid UK. Forming alliances, 23.8.: Keynote on transnational networking.
> Rex Osa, Refugees4Refugees. Breaking (up) hegemony, 26.8.: Keynote and panel contribution on resistance and self organization of migrants.
> Peter Seyferth, freelance political philosopher. Developing utopias, 22.8.: Panel contribution on anarchy as a utopia.
> Nina Treu, Konzeptwerk Neue Ökonomie. Developing utopias, 22.8.: Panel contribution on degrowth as a utopia of radical change.
> Malo Vidal, grassroots activist, educational facilitator. Developing utopias, 22.8.: Keynote.