Workshop for young people: Discrimination – what’s all that about?

Dealing with prejudices, stereotypes and clichés in your day to day

Two-day workshop: Monday 22nd and Tuesday 23rd of August 2016 at the Climate Camp in the Rhineland.

For young people aged 12-16 years

How does stereotyping become prejudice and when does discrimination begin? What are the symptoms of discrimination in everyday life – in me and around me? How can we recognise, understand and avoid this? And how can the subject be anchored sensitively in schools and free time, to live together openly and not accidentally exclude anyone? With a variety of inputs and interactive exercises, this workshop wants to raise awareness for the different faces of discrimination and give room to work together to see how young people can handle this consciously.

Facilitator: Andrea-Vicky Amankwaa-Birago, freelance consultant for diversity, non-discrimination and intercultural opening for ENGAGEMENT GLOBAL, UNESCO, Hamburg Institute for intercultural education, Volkshochschule Hamburg, etc.
Languages: English, German, French
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