DIY workshop on building wind turbines

This year’s climate camp in the Rhineland will take place from August 19th to August 29th. At the camp there will be a DIY workshop on building wind turbines. The wind turbine that we are planning to build in the workshop will deliver energy to the camp. The workshop will start on August 16th and is expected to end with the installation of the wind turbine on August 21st. It would be great if you arrivde on the evening of August 15th because we want to start the workshop Tuesday morning.

The workshop will be held by two collectives: erni collective from Kassel and Berlin and the collective KanTe from Berlin. For the construction of the windmill, we will focus on the ideas and construction manuals of Hugh Piggot. During construction, there will be three workstations: 1. the timber station, at which mainly the rotor blades will be manufactured, 2. the metal station, at which the nacelle and the tower will be built, 3. the electric station, where we will focus on the wiring and on the interconnection of the wind turbine.

We are still looking for participants. No special knowledge or skills are required, you only need to be interested in wind power and the building of a wind turbine. The workshop is limited to 20 participants. Therefore, we need your commitment if you want to take part in the workshop. In case there are more applications than potential participants, we will draw the participants by lot. Participation in the workshop is free, however, the camp catering and camp infrastructure cost money.

Parallel to our wind turbine workshop there will be another group building a measurement system for the energy infrastructure on the camp. That workshop will also be held by the erni collective, four participants can take part in it. If you are interested in this workshop, please send us an email and we will give you further information.

You can register until August 1st. Please send an email to: