Degrowth Summer School 2018

The Summer School will take place form 29th of July to 02th of August near Leipzig.

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As for the topics of the Summer School, we would like to focus on visions and utopias for a world beyond growth. Regarding the place, we are currently planning to again have the Summer School take place in a Climate Camp, but this time in the lignite mining area near Leipzig, a place where many villages face destruction due to mining activities.Of course, we are neither able nor do we want to organize such a large event all by ourselves. Therefore you are warmly invited to become part of the organizing team! All organizing will be based on principles of grassroots democracy. The next meeting will take place form 02th to 04th of March in Leipzig.

If you are interested in joining the meeting write an email to

And in case you need some extra motivation – here are several videos from previous Summer Schools. Information on the Summer School 2017 is available here.