Summer School 2018

Information on the Summer School 2017 is available here.

We are very excited and grateful that so many of you want to take part in the first meeting of the organising team. Unfortunately, our organisational and logistical capacities are limited to around 80 people and thus we decided to close down the Dudle. On the first meeting we will split up in working groups (logistics, programme,.). Afterwards we will see which ones still need support and send an email out to all the people we could not host on the the first meeting. If you want to get this second round invitation, please send an email to K.Kuhnhenn(at)

After three years in the Rhineland, the 2018 Summer School will take place near Leipzig.

As for the topics of the Summer School, we would like to focus on visions and utopias for a world beyond growth.
Regarding the place, we are currently planning to again have the Summer School take place in a Climate Camp, but this time in the lignite mining area near Leipzig, probably in a small village called Pödelwitz which faces destruction due to mining activities.
The exact date is to be decided but will be 3-5days in summer i.e. end of July until beginning of September.
As for the size, we would like to again host a Summer School for 300-500 participants.

Of course, we are neither able nor do we want to organize such a large event all by ourselves. Therefore you are warmly invited to become part of the organizing team! All organizing will be based on principles of grassroots democracy. The main work will take place in working groups and all 6-8 weeks we will meet for whole weekends in the plenary to decide together on the more important matters. It is a great environment to get to know consensus-based work in larger groups and to try out and improve your organisational and moderating skills in a very friendly, open and inspiring atmosphere.

By Klimacamp im Rheinland 
If you are interested – the kick-off-meeting will take place from 2nd-4th of February in Leipzig. If you want to take part, please register here
(“brauche Schlafplatz” translates to “need a place to sleep” and “mit Kind“ means “I will bring a child/children”)
AND write an Email to, so we have your contact.

And in case you need some extra motivation – here are several videos from previous Summer Schools.