What are the basic conditions for the courses?

They should be feasible in a tent or outdoors place, and require minimal materials. There is no access to electrical tools at the site. The main languages of the camp are English and German. Courses can only be offered in these two languages. Workshops can also be offered in other languages, so long as interpreters are available. The speakers will, like all other participants, sleep in their own tent at the camp, and take care of the camp kitchen. As an expense allowance, travel and material costs will be refunded. For course instructors who offer a 4-day program, there is the possibility to receive a financial compensation of up to 400 €.

Which subject areas are suitable for courses?

This year’s Degrowth Summer School is dedicated to the theme of „Social-Ecological Transformation“. After experimenting with various different themes during the last few Summer schools, we decided to put together a theme with a positive vision, in which the development of a concrete and practically-oriented future scenario is in the foreground. The courses should build on a critical social-ecological analysis, however, they should be solution-oriented and not problem-oriented.

We are looking for courses in the following subject areas:

  • Agriculture/food
  • Art
  • Banks and currency/financial markets/investments
  • City-country relationships/cities/housing
  • Climate/climate justice/ energy systems
  • Digitalisation/information age
  • Education/science/research
  • Freedom of movement/global mobility
  • Industry/industrial transition
  • Media
  • Mobility/transport
  • Organisation of work/care work
  • Postdevelopment: Existing visions/utopias of the global south (i.e. Buen Vivir, Democratic Confederalism, Radical Ecological Democracy)
  • Social systems/community and social care
  • Sports
  • Technology
  • Trade policy/International relations/South-North cooperation

We are not looking for visions that only work in one specific sub-domain, but we want that the perspective of a “good life for all” is taken into account as well. Therefore, courses should preferably also address the following cross-cutting issues.

  • Degrowth
  • Democratization
  • Environmental Justice/Planetary boundaries
  • Gender relations/anti-sexism
  • Critique of domination/anti-racism
  • Social justice (from local to global)
  • Time (policy and prosperity)


How can I submit something?

Submissions are possible until 12. 05 using the following link: https://www.soscisurvey.de/call_courses_18/

All requirements can also be found here – please check this before you develop a program proposal.

When do you receive notification?

We will review the proposals by the end of May, after which we will organize the program and then contact you by the beginning of June. Please also understand that due to the limited number of courses, we cannot accommodate all proposals.

If you have any questions please contact us at: courses2018@degrowth.de

We look forward to your submission by May 12!