Travelling costs and remuneration

The degrowth conference is mainly financed through funds from foundations and most of the work is done voluntarily. Unfortunately, we don’t have the funds to pay for the boarding or travels of all speakers, let alone to give some remuneration.

> We will provide contacts for couch-surfing in Leipzig (which will be for free) and for hostels and hotel (which you will need to pay yourself.)
> We will be able to pay for the travels of some speakers – if you need a compensation, please contact us.
> If you are only able to contribute content-wise if you have some remuneration, please contact us as well – we will try to offer this in exceptional cases. The actual requests for reimbursements will only be considered after registration, which is opened in spring. Please only contact us then concerning this matter.
> All speakers will need to pay the conference fee. You can choose the amount according to your contributions and your financial situation. > More information on the conference fee