Degrowth Conference Vienna 2020: Strategies for a Social Ecological Transformation

From May 29th – June 1st 2020, Vienna will host a thematic degrowth conference, focusing on Strategies for Social-Ecological Transformation. The Vienna conference will explicitly focus on exploring strategies for a degrowth transformation, complementing the 2020 international degrowth conference in Manchester. The conference is hosted by the association Degrowth Vienna as well as several university institutes from Vienna. It will take place at the University of Vienna and Semper Depot.

The conference will have a participatory design, including a thorough documentation process to generate tangible outcomes for the degrowth movement and research community. The conference consists of two main parts, firstly understanding past and future transformations and the role of strategies and secondly, strategies in practice.

The lottery for participation is open from 1 – 20 March. In only 3 months we will be working together on our strategies for the social-ecological transformation with many international guests and exciting movements (

In order to make the conference not only white and academic, we have reserved participation spaces (i.e. quotas) for groups and organizations with different social, cultural, and economic backgrounds. Until March 20 you can still request quota spaces for your group/organization. For more information see (Quotas section)

The Vienna Climate Camp starts on Friday June 5th, a few days after the Degrowth Conference ends, and lasts until June 14th. Everyone who wants to contribute to a climate-just world is cordially invited to bring their ideas and energy to the fifth Vienna Climate Camp. This year’s main topics are mobility, different forms of action, utopias, queer feminism and anti-racism. There will be a 4-day summer school with advanced courses and numerous individual workshops, podiums and a cultural programme. On June 12th there will be action-day under the motto – Vienna Car Free (WienAutofrei) ! More information about the climate camp and the programme can be found at

Also, if you want to  prepare yourself for this hot summer, you are in good hands at Tipping Points (Skills and Methods for Social Movements), which will take place this year from March 20th-22nd in Salzburg:

A note from the organizers

Dear all,

Since the summer of 2018, a group of students, scientists and activists have been planning the Degrowth Vienna 2020 conference together with social movements, artists, civil society organizations and research institutes, to come up with and reflect on strategies for a social-ecological transformation towards a degrowth society.

The conference will take place from May 29th to June 1st 2020 in Vienna.

Despite many generous donations from organizations, civil society groups, research institutes and individual professors, we are still €10 000 short of the conference budget. We therefore ask for your kind assistance in supporting this conference financially or by sharing this crowdfunding page.

Thanks to your contribution we will be able to provide child care, personal assistance, food, and heavily subsidised passes, so nobody is excluded from the conference. Your contribution also supports the documentation and publication of the results of the Degrowth Vienna 2020 Conference.

Many thanks!
The Degrowth Vienna 2020 Team