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Muraca, Barbara 2013: Décroissance: A Project for a Radical Transformation of Society.
in: Environmental Values 22 (2013): 147–169. > The article can be downloaded here.
Barbara Muraca explains the history of the concept of “décroissance” and analyses some of the most important sources of inspiration for degrowth, such as environmental justice, post-development, and political ecology. In the text, degrowth is understood as a radical project for societal transformation.

Giacomo D’Alisa, Federico Demaria, Giorgios Kallis (Editors) Degrowth – A vocabolary for a new era
> Published as a book with Routlede
This overview of degrowth covers the main topics and major challenges of degrowth in an accessible manner. It offers and explains a set of keywords important to the ongoing degrowth debates.

Demaria et al. 2013: What is Degrowth? From an activist slogan to a social movement
in: Environmental Values Vol.22, No.2, 191-215. > download as pdf
In this article the definition, origins, evolution, practices and construction of degrowth is discussed by members of Research & Degrowth. Degrowth’s multiple sources and strategies are explained and its basic definition is improved, not at last with the aim to counter reductionist criticisms and misconceptions.

Schmelzer, Matthias 2014: “Wachstumsrücknahme”, “Postwachstum”, “Entwachsen”? An introduction to concepts and approaches of the German degrowth movement.
> Blogpost Juli 2014 on
In this article Matthias Schmelzer provides a rough sketch of different currents of the Germans-speaking growth critical scene and degrowth movement.

Martínez-Alier, Joan 2012: Environmental Justice and Economic Degrowth: An Alliance between Two Movements.
in: Capitalism Nature Socialism. Volume 23, Issue 1, Pages 51-73. > download pdf.
In this article Joan Martínez-Alier describes different scientific and social movements dealing with environmental and social justice. He discusses concepts, controversies, similarities and possibilities of alliances.

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