To watch and to listen

Jason Hickel: ‘Our addiction to economic growth is killing us’

Degrowth explained in two minutes.

The impossible hamster – by the New Economics Foundation

This short animated film shows the absurdity of endless economic growth in a playfull but clear way.

Degrowth explained with oranges – by Sam Bliss

Sam Bliss, a graduate of ecological economics from the USA, explains with the help of orange juice what is going wrong in today’s economy. In an encouraging way he displays different possible solutions for the problems he describes and thereby names essential parts of degrowth.

The Degrowth Paradigm – Radio Podcast by Richard Swift

The Canadian author and journalist Richard Swift takes the listener on a journey to different degrowth projects. During the visits concepts of the degrowth movement are explained and practical examples are highlighted. In the elaborate programme different actors of the international degrowth movement get to speak.

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